We want to start this with what Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala says in the Quran about the last hour

end time quran

The Prediction of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH)

Prophet Muhammad(Sallallahu alaihe wa sallam) said, “there shall come a time upon my ummah, upon my nation, upon the people who follow me upon the people who believed in me, they call themselves Muslims and believers my Ummah when their prayers are not prayed correctly, and when high buildings spread in every place, when people swear in the name of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala a lot about everything without fulfilling their oath, people curse each other a lot, bribery and adultery prevails people neglect the Hereafter in order to buy the luxuries of this world in exchange for the Hereafter so people become materialistic the Prophet Muhammad (Sa.) said if you see this happening in your time then seek refuge seek refuge. Find the solution to get away from all of this it’s not an easy solution but you need to stay away from all this.

In one other hadith a man said Ya RasulAllah(Sallallahu alaihe wa sallam) what is seeking refuge how do I seek protection what do you mean by that and Rasul (Sa.) said “by adhering to your house and keeping your mouth shut and hold your tongue and hand from doing unlawful until death comes to you.”

There’s going to come a time even worse than this. Where a person becomes so confused about what is happening in the world, so deluded by everything that they see and hear, that they’re not going to know what to do and where to go and who to stand with except to stay away from things even if they mean sitting at home abstaining from all of this because there’s not much they can do anymore they want to do good but where do they go that they want to avoid the bad but it’s all the way all around.

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I heard a lot of young people say to me now why does Islam say everything is Haram Haram Haram this is not true Islam does not say everything is Haram but when there’s so much Haram around us in corruption Islam looks like it’s forbidden everything.

We live in a time where the Prophet(Sallallahu alaihe wa sallam) told us that sins will be taken lightly and that modesty will be very invaluable which leads us to that human life becomes invaluable.

All these hadiths can be found inside a Muslim, Bukhari, Tirmidhi, Abu Dawood, Ibnu Mazha, Nashaee.

The Prophet (Sallallahu alaihe wa sallam) is telling us prayers are not prayed correctly.
People pray without really meaning to pray anymore their five daily salat are done in a hurry in a rush with neglect no importance is taken to them. If money comes in the way the prayer is lost.
if there is something of worldly benefit to them the salat becomes the last thing on their mind.

then Prophet Muhammad (Sa.) said

High buildings are spread everywhere.

This hadith also comes in a different manner when Jibreel (alayhis-salam) once entered he sat as a man. Umar Ibn Al-khattab(radhi’Allahhu anhu) says “We saw this man enter one time and the Prophet (Sa.) was sitting with us in the Masjid and this man who entered he had a very black beard with very black hair and a very white folk clothing. He did not look like he was traveling because you couldn’t see any dust on his clothing. He sat to the Prophet (Sa.) very respectfully he asked him several questions and the last of the questions he asked him was this “when is the last hour going to come, when is the world going to end?

skyscrapers hadith

Prophet Muhammad(Sallallahu alaihe wa sallam) replied “the questioner who is asking me or the person you are asking is no more knowledgable about it’s about its time than the questioner meaning you and I don’t know I don’t know any better than you.

So, we asked him what are its signs, some of its signs when it comes close and he mentioned two things “when the mother gives birth to a daughter or son and this daughter becomes like a boss a master over her as if her mother is a slave.”

This time wasn’t ever existed in a day even among the Christians and the Jews. This didn’t exist it was a time that was very unusual to the people.
And, (the hadith continues) he will see the destitute barefooted better ones who are sheepherders or they are shepherds they will be building very high towers, skyscrapers today.

We see this many signs of this everywhere the better ones are actually today in the Emirates places like Dubai, Qatar they’re actually in making high towers, who will make the higher tower than the other person. So, materialism and technology become the main motive of people in competing for. If you look at society today you will see that when people say we are an advanced society we don’t live in the caves anymore, what they’re trying to tell us is that now we are more intelligent with their technology with their sophisticated engineering and building.

What is so special about an advanced society who knows how to build machines or buildings. Send satellites into space, build rockets or build atom bombs. The only thing I can think about is to kill people, to destroy the poor, to show off in worldly possessions for mere greed and power. Just like Iblish used to show to Adam when he said I am better than him you created him some from the soil and I will lead all of them astray and make them go into Hellfire with me, the same thing.

So, will be competing with technology but as for modesty as for character as for trust as for family as for worship of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala as for justice as for leadership, injustice, looking after people as for the value of human life of children, looking after the orphans, the poor, the needy, the Destry all of this will be lost no one will be thinking about it.
In fact let me tell you something, in America, there was an article which wrote that in America make fifty billion dollars on pharmaceutical products on medicine alone!

This means 50 billion dollars annually of profit on medicine. These are people who are getting ill and sick, are people getting more sicker and ill? Are the people pumping in these diseases?

Why are they making the medicine so extremely expensive we hear about cancer, leukemia, juvenile leukemia as well all these children are dying of these diseases that have just popped up suddenly and then we find that medicine cannot be afforded.

A brother said to me who has cancer May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala cure him I’m coming to a point he said “I went to the St. Vincent’s Hospital and over there they gave me this special medicine for my leukemia to treat me to manage it said this special medicine works in managing and relieves me of pain but for one week supplied cost $3,500. I had this subsidy which only required me to pay $35 but then they stopped giving it to me because they said the government cannot afford to pay for the medicine anymore for its people. so they went to a lesser medicine and people are dying. Innocent people are being killed because medicine is too expensive. People are after capitalism just to make money and more money and to climb high and rise high and I’m not saying this is the Arabs, it’s throughout the world 70-80% of people have survived about 40 cents a day what is happening to the world we live in! Rasulullah(sallallahu alayhi wasallam) told us “people will compete for worldly possessions for technology and they will say as though he is saying society will base its advancement on their technology” whatever happened to the morals, justice, equity, treatment of others, the rights of others, modesty this is what values of society not how nice you can make things and kill people with it