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People swear in the name of Allah


Rasul(Sallallahu alaihe wa sallam) said people will swear oath by Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala on false things. So, you come to buy and people use religion to convince you to buy their product. For example, by swearing by Allah’s name it only cost them this much, by swearing by Allah’s name that this is what happened to them they will try to take the money of you and call it in the name of donation and Charity and swear by Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala that they are poor. Swear by Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala that there is not you know an orphanage they’re going to build.

Rasul(Sallallahu alaihe wa sallam) tells us that, “they will curse a lot and he(Sallallahu alaihe wa sallam) said people will curse their own fathers. Sahabas(companions{Ra.} of Prophet{Sa.}) said ya Rasulullah(Sa.) “who curses own father!” they said there will come a time where people will curse you, will curse their father and so they will curse your father in return. So, it means that people no longer value parenthood, no longer value the relationships of people with others. They will wipe them off, curse them, have hatred people only think about themselves.

Bribery and Adultery 


Rasul(Sallallahu alaihe wa sallam) tells us that bribery and adultery will prevail. It becomes the norm, everywhere and he(Sa.) even said that there will come a time where a person will be walking down the street and they will see a man and a woman committing acts of adultery and fornication before everyone’s eyes not afraid of the criticism and now will say well at least you could have just moved aside so that we can walk. Just make some room it’s okay what you’re doing it looks cute but we just want to walk. This means that modesty and morality die out completely throughout the world. Whether there are in the Muslim lands or the non-Muslim lands.

If you do your research you will find that in both worlds I don’t want to name countries so that sounds racist but it is happening double-triple. Tourists go from Western countries to these particular countries in order to have a great time with their lust temptations alcohol and so on and so forth.

Adultery becomes so prevailed that husband and wife divide and they divorce and children to sort of live on their own. Morality is gone because they cannot control their lusts and people will be afraid of getting married because they don’t want to commit, they cannot control their desires. The man still wants to sleep around, the woman wants to sleep around. Nowadays it’s very difficult to find someone to identify as a husband and wife! People afraid to say, husband and wife, why because hardly anyone wants to get married anymore, they say partner, we respect the fact that you don’t want to get married and commit and value that partner!

People sell the hereafter for this world


People neglect the hereafter in order to buy the commodity from this world. This is when a person neglects their worship, neglects the hereafter and they focus on what they can see only in this world. Their clothing becomes extravagant, they live to eat, they love to drink coffee, they love to display themselves with their ornaments only to show off their beauty to the people whom they’re not meant to show off to.

They begin to display themselves in front of the opposite gender and forget about their wives in their husbands whom they should be sharing this beauty with.

The Prophet(Sallallahu Alihe wa sallam) spoke out of sorrow and sadness about the future of what will happen to his Ummah. When he was in his last breaths he(Sa.) said to his Ummah “I have left you on the clear white page. Its night is as clear as it’s day do not swerve away from it. today I have recited Allah’s verse of Quran “Today I have perfected your religion for you and completed my favor upon you and I’m pleased with Islam submission to Allah as your religion.”

Witness of Hellfire

Rasul(Sallallahu Alihe wa sallam) said o Allah bear witness, I have informed. He was saying “I saw in Hellfire a group of women whom I’ve never seen the likes of before, they are dressed but undressed, they walk in a seductive manner and they do fashions upon their heads in order to in a type that attracts attention.” Rasul(Sallallahu Alihe wa sallam) told us, this something of the future, has never seen the likes of before not among the Romans, the Byzantines of his time, not among the Persians of his time. He(Sa.) did not see them among the mushrikeen of his time or among the Muslims of his time.

This is something which the humans begin to do at large Muslim, non-muslim and he said among my Ummah from my nation and how often do we find young people imitating and copying celebrities where Rasul(Sallallahu Alihe wa sallam) did tell us that, “there will come a time when upon my Ummah they will begin to follow them step by step, foot by foot that if they were to enter the whole of a lizard they will follow them.

Sahaba’s(the companions) said oh, Messenger of Allah do you mean that we will be following step-by-step the customs and traditions and morals of the Christians and Jews of that time? He(Sa.) said, “Yes, who else? The Romans will be the largest in number and power and influence.”

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The Hadith about the Europeans

This is the hadith from the Prophet(Sa.) that you find in Sahih Muslim that the Romans in those days used to call them Ar-room. Ar-room means something like the Europeans of today. They will be the larger amount, they will have the most influence on people such as Hollywood, such as Britain and France and all those other places. “They will have an influence on people on my Ummah” he(Sa.) said and you will follow them step by step. Their customs and morals what we see in our young people whether they are in the Arab countries or outside, in the Muslim countries are outside, in the Western countries or beyond that.

The Muslim youth don’t pray, they’re drinking, they’re out neglecting themselves staying up all night neglecting their salat, neglecting Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala,  they probably break their fast in Ramadan. Just copying and imitating the wrong people. Rasul (Sallallahu Alihe wa sallam) told us “before the end of time you will see this prevailing sign, there will be afflictions, afflictions, afflictions, trials, tests of hardship, afflictions that are like smoke filling the air, darkness with dark clouds above you and it will weaken the heart of a person just like his body weakens. In the morning he is a believer and by the evening he becomes a disbeliever and in the evening he is a believer and by the morning he is a disbeliever.

Muslims Gays, Lady Imam!!!

So much confusion, deception, lies a person in the evening is a believer by the morning they went on the internet and it confused everything about their religion to the point where they become atheists. They become something other than their own religion.

Have you heard about the Muslim gay’s society? There is one in Sydney, there’s one in America and there’s one in London. The one in America is very old, the oldest one, the one in London is the second oldest. There is a lesbian mosque and a male gay mosque. Our Prophet(Sallallahu Alihe wa sallam) told us “before the end of time you will have leaders who will lead you astray.”

In America there is a Masjid its Imam is a woman who gives the Kuthba(Muslims Friday speech or Jumah speech) and she leads the men and women in salat. Even a woman makes the Adhaan(Islamic call to prayer) and the men say takbir when they hear kuthba. This is an abomination of what the Prophet(Sallallahu Alihe wa sallam) taught us. There is equality between men and women. The Quran already made it Allah Akbar but in an appropriate manner. a way that there is that shows yourself respect teaches his self-respect.